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Quality Management, which includes objective Quality Control (QC) based on a sound Quality Assurance (QA) protocol, is essential in the installation of Solar PV systems.  We are a leader in building installation-focused QA, and we have provided Quality Control (QC) services to private and public clients for over 35 years, ensuring quality installation, code compliance, evaluation of performance metrics in areas of equipment and workmanship quality, and conformance to design criteria, and system orientation.

Our national inspectors are trained and utilize advanced, web-based inspection technology for efficiency, data accuracy and consistent reporting.

We perform field inspections for residential, commercial, and utility scale Solar PV systems.  Our goal is to provide Solar Quality Management services for private and government partners ensuring reliability, safety of installed systems for, bankability, as well as provide support to the overall growth of the renewable energy industry. This level of quality is what we call Investor Grade Quality Management (IGQM).

Third Party Quality Assurance for Finance Companies

Solar companies providing financing options to their customers are in need of third-party inspections to uphold standards and ensure attractive returns to investors.  We bring the expertise needed and, as an impartial non-profit entity, we assure that quality installations are installed correctly.  For Solar Financing providers, we provide investor confidence that Solar PV system installations will be performed as designed and quality standards are met.  We are a trusted, third-party organization with the infrastructure to provide national quality assurance.

IBTS provides the following services:Solar PV Field Inspection Checklist

  • Quality Control Field Inspections – Field inspectors verify installations meet best practices and code compliance.  Inspections are documented using our web-based inspection technology to document data accurately and reliably in the field.  Once the information is captured in the system, the synchronized database allows near real-time analysis. We also offer customized field QC inspections to meet specific needs and requirements.
  • Solar Installer Qualification and Shade Analysis - We provide customers with an outsourced service to vet potential solar partners through on-site visits to verify quality of work and safety, as well as Shade Analysis verification of “as installed” solar availability to ensure compliance with design values and minimum criteria allowed for rebates.
  • Quality Assurance Services – Analyzing data and understanding the affects that process have on the end product, IBTS offers the ability to analyze causality for certain prevalent deficiencies, and can create a process improvement plan, including tailored training programs, as well as internal process management and consulting.


Building Departments and Government Partners

Enhancing Economic Development and Renewable Energy in your Community

Slow permitting through local jurisdictions, delayed field inspections, and lack of technical staff are some of the largest obstacles that unnecessarily increase the "soft costs" of Solar PV installations, resulting in stunted market growth.  IBTS has the national infrastructure to support local jurisdictions in these tasks.

Each jurisdiction and utility has a responsibility to ensure code and interconnection compliance through design plan review and field inspection verification. We work with our partners to ensure an efficient process and provide seamless support to foster growth and stability of the renewable energy industry.

IBTS provides the following services:

  • Field Inspection Services – Our field inspection services helps the local jurisdiction and utility in fulfilling inspection requests timely.  Additionally, IBTS guarantees a 24-hour turnaround time for code inspections.
  • Solar PV Plan Review - We provide outsourced plan review and engineering services for building departments across the country.  By outsourcing plan reviews, your organization will be spared the expense of having these internal resources. We guarantee a 5-day turnaround time on all Solar PV plan review services.


We also provide:

  • Desktop Photo Review,
  • Commercial project Final Inspection and Commissioning
  • Data Analysis.
  • Municipal Plan Review
  • Municipal System Inspection
  • Rebate/System Performance Verification

For additional information about Solar PV Quality Assurance and Plan Review services, contact Rudy Saporite, Senior Program Manager, Energy Services at

Solar Quality Credential Initiative

The Solar Quality Initiative is an industry-driven effort to implement standards for solar System Installation and Operations and Maintenance. These best practice protocols will serve to standardize quality across this rapidly growing industry to increase financing and ensure the long-term growth of the market.

This initiative is in the process of developing the Solar Quality Credential Program ​for solar providers who have the internal management systems and processes in place to comply with best practice requirements. Companies demonstrate compliance by providing necessary supporting documentation, which will be reviewed and approved by an independent third-party and will be able to communicate that to their customers and financial backers through use of the Solar Quality Credential designation.

Learn more about the Solar Quality Initiative and Credentialing program at

IBTS Solar PV Quality Management Education and Training Program

A fundamental aspect of establishing best practices and uniformity in energy and sustainability markets is ensuring that professionals are adequately trained to perform their roles and that projects are completed the right way. IBTS offers an affordable, reachable, broad-based training and certification program to address the wide variety in quality of project installations.



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