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As a nonprofit organization, we continually focus our commitment and passion in serving the public with excellence by providing high quality, cost-effective services to jurisdictions, citizens, and their communities. IBTS has the depth and experience that has created a deep knowledge base in order to deliver these services to many difference villages, towns, cities, counties, and states as well as the
federal government.

We are and have been for some time a part of the culture and fabric of our communities. One of our greatest compliments came from a client who said, “IBTS didn’t come into our City and paint us, or try to make us change; they came into our City and we painted them.” In all communities, we operate as a reliable resource for the citizens who depend on us for specific services. IBTS will
bring the same philosophy and approach to your community.

Through our Municipal Service operations, we strive to maintain close connections with citizens, businesses, community groups, and
other key stakeholders to build trust and confidence in IBTS as a community partner, reliable resource, and dependable problem

IBTS is committed to providing:

  • A partnership with the City, not a contractor experience
  • Increased customer service interaction and satisfaction
  • Re-energized approach and innovations resulting in more efficiency and higher customer satisfaction
  • Smooth and seamless transition of services and staff, without any disruption to City services
  • Shared risk with the City through compliance of a consistent, safe, and proven service approach
  • Best in class practices and scalable solutions


A One Stop Shop Relying on Local Resources

IBTS has a strong commitment to green and sustainable operations and will bring ideas and practices to the community services and operations. Our ideas help encourage the use of new technologies and approaches (e.g. compressed natural gas vehicles and LEED certification reviews and inspections). We believe incorporating these and other practices into the municipal operations will help prepare all for emerging requirements related to energy efficiency and the use of alternative fuels.

A One Stop Shop Relying on Local Resources

Working with a single service provider will provide your community with consistent, reliable services, a single point of contact to request and follow-up on all services, and consolidated reporting for all services performed. IBTS has the capacity to assemble a team of experienced and qualified professionals and other local consultants and vendors to provide a full complement of services. IBTS takes a great deal of pride in managing IT and data on behalf of governments for the last 35 years and for having won awards in the application of technology and creating efficiencies.

We have a proven ability to provide local team members and key staff who are familiar with your community, its infrastructure and relationships. Our local team members are supported by experienced key technical and administrative staff. Through the use of local personnel we promote local job growth and security.

Services and Capabilities

Administrative Services

  • Revenue Collection
  • Financial Reporting and Accounting
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Accounts Payable/ Receivable
  • Annual Budgets and Forecasts
  • Purchasing, Procurement and Contract Administration
  • Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Records Management
  • Community Relations
  • Website Design
  • Call Center
  • Information Technology


Community Development

  • Planning & Zoning GIS
  • Planning & Zoning Administration
  • Plan Review
  • Permit Approvals and Issuance
  • Inspections/ Building Services
  • Code Compliance Services
  • Contractors Licensing
  • Business Licensing
  • Floodplain Administration
  • Community Rating System
  • Storm Water Plans and Reviews

Public Works

  • Grass Cutting and Weed Control Services
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Engineering Services
  • Cost-Recovery Grant Services
  • Capital Improvement Program Administration
  • City Decorations


Parks & Recreation

  • Administer Recreation Programs
  • Right of Way Mowing
  • Fence Repair
  • Ball Park Lining
  • Event Management
  • Ground Maintenance
  • Facility Inspection


Building Department Services

Building Design Review and Plan/Peer Review

Community Development

Compliance Risk Monitoring

Construction Management

Disaster Management

Education and Training

Energy and Sustainability

Facilities Program Management

Flood Plain Management

Housing Authority Inspections and Assessments

Independent Verification and Validation

Municipal Services

Manufactured Homes

Military Construction, GSA, and Public / Private Ventures

Quality Assurance

Services in the Public Good


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