Manufactured Home Certifications

Upscale manufactured housing unites on a brick-lined street in a suburban area.

IBTS is the single source for manufactured home data used to identify whether a home was built according to the HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD code) and, if so, how it was designed and constructed.

All manufactured homes built since June 15, 1976, are required to have one or more label(s) attached to them: a manufactured home HUD label(s) and a Data Plate/Compliance Certificate.

IBTS is the only agency that can provide manufactured home owners, real estate agents, brokers, and other stakeholders with a Label Verification Letter, which can suffice for missing HUD labels. IBTS can also provide a copy of the original data plate or a Performance Verification Certificate in its absence. The Performance Verification Certificate contains the zoning information in effect at the time the home was manufactured, including the location of the home’s destination (usually the retailer).

Manufactured home owners or other relevant agencies that need a replacement for missing HUD labels or Data Plate/Compliance Certificates should contact IBTS, not HUD.

Details for manufactured homes built before June 15, 1976, are not available.

We do not provide verification services for modular homes.

Check our FAQ section for more information. For status updates on your request, cancellations or discrepancy claims, please email the Labels Department at For further inquiries, reach the Labels Department by phone at 703-481-2010.

Click on the following instructions for step-by-step directions on how to order a certificate.

Determine Which Certificate You Should Order

Label Verification Letter

Image of a red HUD manufactured home label.






If you need a document to verify the HUD labels attached to the outside of your home, you will need to order the Label Verification letter.

The following items are contained in the HUD Label Verification letter:

  • HUD Label Number(s)
  • Serial number (VIN).
  • Manufacturer’s name and location.
  • Date home was built.
  • Home initial destination (usually the dealer)


Data Plate/Performance Verification Certificate


An IBTS performance verification certificate for a manufactured home containing maps and other data.






If you need a copy of the Data Plate/Compliance Certificate found inside of your home, you can place a research request with IBTS. If a copy of your Data Plate/Compliance Certificate is not available, you can to order a Performance Verification Certificate showing the three zones associated with the home (Wind Zone, Roof Load Zone and Thermal Zone).


The following items are contained in the IBTS Performance Verification:

  • Serial number (VIN).
  • Manufacturer’s name and location.
  • Date home was built.
  • Wind Zone, Roof Load Zone and Thermal Zone for which the home is designed.

Please note the following:

  • IBTS’s Performance Verification Certificate is based on production reports provided by the home manufacturer.
  • The certificate is based on the zone requirements in effect at the time the home was manufactured, for the location of the home’s final destination (usually the retailer).
  • IBTS is not liable for changes to the home’s construction, or subsequent home moves that may affect the home performance information verified.
  • The IBTS Data Plate/Compliance Certificate does not show the HUD Label Numbers. The only identifying number that is shown on our data plates is the home’s serial number (VIN).

Fees and Methods of Payment

The fees and processing time for Label Verification Letters and Data Plate/Compliance Certificates are as follows. Please note that business days do not include weekends or holidays.

Label Verification Letter


$50 (non-refundable research fee)

9-10 business days


$100 ($75 non-refundable research fee)

2-3 business days

Data Plate/Compliance Certificate


$100 ($75 non-refundable research fee)

9-10 business days


$125 ($100 non-refundable research fee)

2-3 business days

IBTS accepts checks or credit cards. We do not accept online or eChecks. Please note that IBTS charges a non-refundable research fee for all of our services that applies even if your home is not found due to insufficient, incomplete, or incorrect information; is not a manufactured home; or is found to be built prior to June 15, 1976.

Submit Your Request

Complete our online request form, or fill out our alternative PDF form to submit via email, fax, or mail. If you are submitting your request by fax, use the fax numbe at the bottom of the form. Check requests are only received when you send them with your check by mail.

*Please note that the online request form is not formatted for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Please use a desktop or laptop computer to complete the online request form.

*IBTS cannot accept secure or encrypted email messages. If you are submitting a request via email using the downloadable PDF form, you will have to send it as a standard email attachment. Please allow a full business day for the request information to be processed into our system.

The following information is required to process your request:

  • Name and address of the manufacturer (see data plate).
  • Date of manufacture/age.
  • Serial number(s) of the home (see data plate and/or front cross member) or label number of the home (see label location, which starts with three letters).
  • Home location (city and state).

Actual processing time may vary depending on the quality of the information you provide for research. All requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

>>>> NOTICE: We are updating our systems, causing slower processing of the high volume of requests received. We expect our system update to be complete at the end of 2017.  During this time, it is possible that orders will be slightly delayed. We thank you for your patience.<<<<

Customers who need to order multiple requests on a monthly basis can fill out a credit line application request to apply for a billing account with IBTS. Email the labels department at for more information. This is only available for customers who have consistently submitted requests for 3 months preceding application.