IBTS Announces Five-Year Strategic Plan

By December 26, 2018Community Involvement
Several office buildings surrounded by green trees.

The Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) is pleased to announce our new five-year strategic plan following its approval by our Board of Directors on December 14, 2018.

The 2019-2024 plan was developed over a series of working sessions that involved the executive team, directors and thought leaders within the organization. With a focus on cross-functional opportunities, futurist thinking and blue ocean concepts, the strategic plan features a longer time horizon and a nonprofit, public-purpose positioning. Core services will intersect technical, regulatory, governance and trusted third-party validation.

The plan outlines seven strategic goals aimed to move the organization forward into new territories and innovations over the next five years.


GOAL I: PUBLIC SECTOR Align expertise and resources in support of relevant public-sector programs.

Leads: Chris Miller


GOAL II: RESILIENCE Support the creation of resilient and sustainable communities.

Lead: Joyce Coffee


GOAL III: DISASTER MANAGEMENT Deliver disaster planning, mitigation, and recovery programs in the United States and internationally.



GOAL IV: NONPROFIT Expand and refine approach to nonprofit entrepreneurship in the interest of the public good.

Lead: Brooke Crouter


GOAL V: INFRASTRUCTURE Serve communities and governments by supporting development of safe, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure.



GOAL VI: INTERNATIONAL Leverage staff expertise and partnerships to provide the full-range of IBTS services internationally.

Lead: Patrick Howell


GOAL VII: EXCELLENCE Build organizational excellence across people, processes, and systems to enhance service delivery and develop staff.

Lead: Craig Bertolett


All of our employees are encouraged to join a Goal Working Group and contribute to the future success of IBTS!