IBTS donates computers to ICMA team in El Salvador

By September 17, 2018Community Involvement
IBTS IT team members sit behind a desk.

When IBTS partnered with the International City and County Managers Association (ICMA) in support of the Rand Corporation to conduct a comprehensive local government assessment on the 78 municipalities in Puerto Rico after Hurricane’s Maria, the professional relationship between IBTS and ICMA advanced to a new level of confidence and respect. So when the ICMA asked us if we could contribute some computer hardware to a team in El Salvador, we were eager to help them—from one non-profit to another.

The National Council for the Protection and Development of the Migrant Person and His Family (CONMIGRANTS) is made up of government representatives, Salvadoran associations abroad, as well as other sectors such as universities and private companies. The Salvadorian council focuses on the development of the migrant persons and families which are commonly exposed to violations of their human and civil rights.

The ICMA led team is low on resources, specifically laptops for data and survey input. IBTS donated four Dell® laptops, cords, and branded gifts to ICMA for the CONMIGRANTS team in August 2018.