Planning for the Greater Good – Introducing IBTS’ Community Planning Services

By March 14, 2019Community Involvement
Quaint shops and businesses on a small town main street.

IBTS’ passion is bolstering communities and creating vibrant, resilient neighborhoods that balance economy with equity. Simply put, we thrive when your community thrives. So we are excited to announce that our Local Government Solutions team is revamping our community planning and economic development services.

Because IBTS was built for local government, by local government, our experience spans the entire scope of municipal services. In addition to our experts in municipal administration, community development, parks and recreation, and public works, the IBTS’ team of planning and local government experts can also work with your community to create and update comprehensive plans, codes, and economic development strategies.

Our services include:

  • Identifying influencers and stakeholders from all elements of the community to serve as part of region-shaping plans and initiatives
  • Developing actionable strategies and initiatives to advance communities toward a unified vision for the future
  • Leveraging community sparkplugs to work with our marketing and market research teams in developing customized communication programs for each sector of the community
  • Deploying the most appropriate engagement tools and techniques to inform and educate community members about public processes and opportunities to shape the community’s vision
  • Celebrating major milestones with community gatherings designed to reinforce the entire community’s participation in public processes, while gaining feedback on strategies and initiatives
  • Facilitating adoption processes to ensure that community voices have been heard and are reflected in the final presentations, and that local leaders have the tools you need for effective implementation

Our Planning and Economic Development team is led by Ryan Griffith, who has 17 years of experience in planning, project administration, and nonprofit management. She is passionate about revitalizing downtowns and preserving open-space in communities. Her team leverages decades of expertise to solve local government challenges and develop long-term strategies.

For more information on our Community Planning and Economic Development services, please contact Ryan Griffith, Program Director, Planning and Economic Development at or 717.215.7541.