IBTS Government Solutions, LLC

Highly qualified workforce and broad capabilities to support your needs.

IBTS Government Solutions, LLC

From Supplemental Support to Complete Outsourcing

From conceptual design to finished construction, from helping draft code standards to statistically assessing compliance, from restoring historic landmarks to enhancing the quality of life in communities, IBTS-GS offers a highly qualified workforce and broad capabilities to support your Building Department needs. By collaborating during the conceptual design phase, we help you avoid code deficiencies – reducing cost, improving quality, expediting permits and helping to mitigate legal liability, accelerating your project’s progress. With our flexible workforce models, we support your demanding project schedules by providing expert staff as needed, helping you to keep your projects on time and on budget.

IBTS-GS Provides On-Demand Personnel to Meet Surge Requirements

IBTS-GS provides on-demand surge and just-in-time building code professionals, including engineers, plans examiners, inspectors, permit technicians, and administrative support personnel. IBTS-GS has established and run building departments that have overseen construction in northern Louisiana and on military bases nationwide; and IBTS-GS has supported numerous other Building Departments throughout the United States.

IBTS-GS provides services to homeowners, small and large developers/builders and government agencies on the federal, state and local levels. IBTS-GS has been working to save the historic and utilitarian value of existing buildings to help counter-balance urban sprawl. By encouraging the re-use of existing buildings, progress can be accelerated in communities nationwide.

For more information on the services provided through IBTS-GS, please contact Paul Hancher by email.

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