Knowledge Management


Our client is the responsible federal agency for more than seven million documents related to the only federally regulated housing construction program in the United States. Each year, we receive, catalogue, and make available hundreds of thousands of documents submitted by several third party agencies located across the country. These documents must be retrievable for the federal agency and available for on-demand review to verify conformance with federal standards and regulations.


Within this program, IBTS serves as a monitoring and inspection agent assisting the government in maintaining a digital repository of documents and conducting random reviews of the construction documents for regulatory compliance. In order to leverage available technology and integrate efficiencies afforded by knowledge management best practices, IBTS designed and implemented an Imaging and Retrieval (IMR) technology tool to support and facilitate this task. The Knowledge Management system efficiently and effectively manages the millions of documents providing our client with a unique database and vital information source. IMR facilitates efficient and effective record keeping, allows for housing construction documents to be entered into the system, and catalogues these documents according to construction attributes. In addition, this user-friendly tool provides the ability to search, retrieve, and review the documents and generates various reports on the entire database and the indexing process.


This tool ensures safe and secure storage for the volumes of data contributed and distributed by the stakeholders, increasing reliability of data. The documents that are maintained within the IMR tool are accessible on-demand with the click of a button, reducing cost. The IMR tool assists our client with assessing the performance of third party agencies and ensuring all required obligations are being fulfilled. This, in turn, assists with improving the quality and conformance of housing designs that accelerates progress in the communities we serve.