Chearamy Miranda Lopez

By April 10, 2020

Chearamy Miranda Lopez

Project and Community Engagement Manager

Ms. Miranda Lopez is dedicated to the rehabilitation of Puerto Rico. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and a Master’s Degree in engineering management with a concentration in renewable resources management.

Her experience ranges from working on submarine structures for the Navy’s Submarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning and Procurement (SUBMEPP), to building properties on Grand Cayman Island, to managing the debris removal in 30 municipalities of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

She’s had the opportunity to work in the engineering industry since 2008, while still in college, helping her waste no time in acquiring practical knowledge. Since she started working in the industry, she has focused on building quality and viable solutions to problems that obstruct quality. She has served as an inspector, project manager, and consultant. These roles allowed her to better understand project progression and development of ideas.

After the onslaught of Hurricane Maria, Ms. Miranda Lopez’s perspective was forced to shift. She took time during the year 2018 to learn about processes, tools and resources needed during the island’s rehabilitation process. She joined the FORTIFIED Wise Hurricane Program and the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ Construction Quality Management group.

Ms. Miranda Lopez wants to leave footprints in the ground, a ground she intends to leave ready with responsibly-built foundations, upon which the next generations can build. She recognizes the value of our resources, long-term functionality, resilience and the appropriate management of renewable resources.

In her role as Project and Community Engagement Manager for IBTS she hopes to share lessons learned and knowledge gained so that together, great work can be done in helping achieve the highest quality standards in Puerto Rico.