OML Regional Building Department Services

The Oklahoma Municipal League (OML) and the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) have teamed up to provide building department services to jurisdictions. Using boots-on-the-ground staff, our solutions will streamline government projects, reduce risk for non-compliance, and free up valuable budgetary resources.

As a nonprofit organization, IBTS continually strives to offer practical, efficient solutions to local governments. Drawing on years of experience providing governments with regional solutions, IBTS offers professional, on-time services with the ultimate mission of benefiting and serving the public.

IBTS provides augmentation and development/implementation services in addition to complete background operation of building departments. Solutions are delivered in a flexible manner designed to meet the constantly evolving needs of local governments. Our solutions include:

Building Department Services

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial
  • Permits, plan reviews, inspections, certificates of occupancy
  • Contractor’s portal
  • Guraranteed next day inspections
  • Guaranteed plan review timeframes

Floodplain Services

  • Floodplain administration
  • Base flood elevation determinations
  • Permitting coordination
  • Documentation control and archival with permits
  • Ordinance reviews and harmonization with other codes

Accessibility & Fire Code Services

  • Plan reviews
  • Inspections
  • Automated inspection reporting
  • Ordinance reviews and harmonization with other codes

Stormwater Services

  • Plan reviews
  • Inspections
  • Automated inspection reporting
  • Ordinance reviews and harmonization with other codes

Planning and Zoning Services

  • Zoning review and enforcement
  • Zoning code recommendations
  • Site inspections

Property Maintenance

  • Site inspections
  • Ordinance reviews and updates
  • Case management and documentation
  • Customized code sweeps
  • Small rental inspections services

Feasibility Studies

  • Reviews department’s ordinances, policies and procedures
  • Fee analysis, real-cost analysis, savings opportunities
  • Identifies gaps, conflicts and duplications
  • Reports with recommendations

Fast Track Plan Reviews

  • Accelerated plan reviews
  • Five step review process
  • Allows jurisdiction to focus on high priority tasks


  • Complete online building permit software
  • Online contractor’s portal
  • Online applications, payments, drawing submittals, reviews, and inspections requests
  • Automated notification via text message and emails of:
    • Plan reviews
    • Permit issuance
    • Inspection reports
    • Certificate of occupancy issuance
  • Document management system
  • Automated fee calculation
  • Data consistency


For more information, please call Mike Maenner at 405-441-9410 or email: