Expedited Remote Inspections & Plan Reviews during COVID-19

Trusted, Unbiased, and Rapid Building Safety Services

Quickly ensure building safety with IBTS’ team of certified plans examiners, code officials, disaster recovery professionals, engineers, and planners. Our expedited remote inspection and plan review services can assist with ensuring the safety of repurposed and modified structures needed for COVID-19 healthcare overflow and quarantine facilities.

The Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS), a national nonprofit organization, has provided high-quality, cost-effective services to local, state, and federal governments for 40 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our rapid, remote inspections and plan reviews quickly ensure the safety of temporary and repurposed structures.

Through our Building Department Services division, IBTS performs independent, unbiased and expedited building plan reviews remotely for dozens of jurisdictions across the country. Our multi-discipline-certified plans examiners, code officials, disaster recovery professionals, engineers, and planners are ready to respond to the urgent needs facing many communities.

IBTS has extensive experience performing remote building department services for hospitals, schools, and other public and private buildings. Combined with our track record with disaster recovery work for FEMA and our nonprofit mission for public service, we are ready to help meet your needs during this crisis.

For more information about plan review services or other IBTS COVID-19 support services, contact Paul Hancher, Director of Building Department Services, at phancher@ibts.org or Chris Fennell, Chief Development Officer, at cfennell@ibts.org.

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