IBTS Community Services, LLC

IBTS-CS provides municipal services through public-nonprofit partnerships.

Storefronts at sunset in the middle of an empty road in downtown in a small town.

As a non-profit entity, the purpose of IBTS-CS is to improve services to the citizens and to provide services that are similar to the those provided by local governments.  Our goal is to provide services with a focus on the citizens and community.

Our Services

Through a close partnership, IBTS-CS collaborates with municipalities to establish services needed, then continues to collaborate throughout service delivery to ensure both municipal officials and citizens are satisfied.  When IBTS-CS partners with a municipality to provide services, the municipality retains full authority for decisions related to services.
Utilizing our experience in other jurisdictions, IBTS-CS introduces new workflows and tools to increase efficiency and decrease cost of service delivery.  For example, we have developed an online permitting system which maintains records and improves communication between jurisdictions and developers.
For more information on the services provided through IBTS-CS, please contact Don Howell by email.

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