Success Stories

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IBTS strives for excellence in every project by not only meeting the expectations of the clients and communities we serve, but exceeding them. Below are examples of some of our recent successes.

Municipal Services in Guymon, Oklahoma

IBTS Community Services, LLC (IBTS-CS), a wholly owned subsidiary of IBTS, has provided the City of Guymon, OK, with Administrative, Community Development, Public Works, Utilities, Parks and Recreation, and Library services, under the direction of Mayor Peterson and City Council, since March 2016. IBTS-CS committed to providing Guymon with value beyond the standard day-to-day services to include employee training and driving an informed Capital Improvement Plan. This public-nonprofit partnership is the first of its kind in Oklahoma.

Pursuant to the agreement, IBTS-CS vowed to return 50% of the savings realized to the City  and presented the City a check for $625,000 at their January 2017 City Council meeting. This check represents $500,000 savings achieved in the first year and an additional $125,000, which will enable the City to purchase new police vehicles. Similarly, after just one year of service, IBTS saved the City $385,000 in pension management fees by simply moving the City’s pension plan to an IBTS plan.

Emergency Housing Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Unprecedented flooding in August 2016, displaced thousands of residents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and its surrounding parishes. IBTS was brought into this area to ensure the safety and well-being of survivors housed in MHUs. IBTS and its subcontractors installed and inspected over 3,000 fire safety systems, provided 24x7x365 maintenance support for the fire safety systems throughout the region, and cut in half incident response time. Our services helped to put thousands of survivors into safe, sanitary housing where they could reestablish a sense of normalcy in their lives.

Grant Funding at Work in West Texas

Initially, Reeves County, Texas, utilized IBTS as a trusted advisor for the purpose of helping navigate the complexities of grant funding after they received a $500,000 Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Colonia Grant. Over time, they also hired IBTS to provide complete construction management and technical consulting services for grant programs within the county. Implementation involved three stages: assessment of building needs, facilitation of contractor bidding, ongoing site inspections and construction management.

However, during the assessment stage IBTS realized that more homes needed repairs than the funding allotted for. As a result, IBTS helped the county secure additional grants from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Action (TDHCA) HOMES Program. To date, Reeves County citizens have now received over $3 million in funding for housing improvements for nearly 60 homes and families. Read more about this success story here.

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