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Public Service

As a non-profit, IBTS was founded to provide services for the public good, with the aim of benefiting communities, governments and the planet.

Quality Assurance

Our Solar QA methods are rooted in over 30 years of experience supporting federal and state quality assurance programs and providing national building department services.

Field Inspection Technology

FIT® is a methodology that supports end-to-end processes, customized to manage information collection and automate complex back office processes.

Thought Leadership

Earthquake Preparedness: The Importance of Building Codes

Are you prepared for an earthquake?  In addition to personal preparedness, communities need to be prepared.  What steps can your community take to prepare before an earthquake?  One way to improve safety is by adopting and enforcing building code guidelines – well before an earthquake shakes your community.


Implementing Solar PV for Local Governments

Download this comprehensive guide and learn why implementing municipal solar PV and other renewable energy is an effective way to achieve a municipality’s overall Energy Management goals and provide significant benefits for a community. This includes serving as a model to residents, businesses and neighboring towns and cities in environmental stewardship, enhancing economic development, and contributing to workforce development for renewable energy business in the new economy.

Latest news

IBTS Announces the Release of NREL’s SAPC Best Practices in PV System Installation

The Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) announces the release of the Solar Access to Public Capital (SAPC) Best Practices in PV Installation Guide to improve solar asset transparency for investors and rating agencies. 


IBTS Releases Silver Line Case Study Outlining Project inspections and Quality Assurance

IBTS has released a case study outlining involvement in one of the largest infrastructure projects in the United States, the Dulles Metrorail expansion project. The Silver Line took five years to complete and IBTS provided code inspections and special inspection oversight to ensure the rail was built to specifications.