Strategic Energy and Sustainability Management

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IBTS Energy & Sustainability delivers innovative and cost-effective building solutions to customers in the municipal/government, education, healthcare, and the private sector.

IBTS’s strategic energy and sustainability management program delivers services across several focus areas. Although IBTS can assist you with identifying and addressing individual projects in any of these areas, implementing a coordinated program from a systems-based, integrated perspective provides compounding benefits.

Focus Areas







Needs Assessment

Strategic Planning

Program Design

RFP and Grant Support

Project Implementation

Energy & Sustainability Navigator Program

Comprehensive efforts to design and build often require a level of resourcing unattainable for budget-constrained agencies or offices. IBTS’s Energy & Sustainability (E&S) Navigator program is the answer to an affordable and comprehensive energy and sustainability building solution.

Our E&S Navigator helps clients develop innovative and cost-efficient solutions to strategic energy and sustainability issues for their buildings. Built on a shared-services model, the program defrays costs of platform development across multiple partners and provides users with locally-based project managers to coordinate efforts among neighboring partners.

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