City of Central, Louisiana Mayor presents State of the City Address

By April 5, 2024

Mayor Wade Evans presented his State of the City address in Central, Louisiana, highlighting improvements in serving citizens and where the City is headed in the future.

In his address, Mayor Evans highlighted some significant achievements in 2023 for the City, including the development of a succession plan for future incoming administrations. Notable accomplishments include a major road project and a shift to proactive public works strategies. Additionally, beautification efforts in both litter control and green spaces aim to enhance the City’s appeal. The City has applied for five flood control projects along local watersheds to address flooding concerns and enhance recreational opportunities for residents. For economic development, Mayor Evans outlined a new plan, “Mainstreet 2030,” that will revitalize the downtown space to encourage business development and increase residential traffic.

“It was an incredibly busy, yet rewarding year for the City,” said Evans. “I am recognizing how grateful I am to be Central’s Mayor. My hope is that the policies and processes that we have implemented this year will continue to improve every citizen’s quality of life.”

Central, Louisiana, the second-largest city in East Baton Rouge Parish, achieved municipal status in April 2005 through a resident vote. Central municipal services are provided by IBTS through a nonprofit private partnership. Central offers a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. Nestled northeast of Baton Rouge, our city is a thriving community with diverse neighborhoods and a commitment to growth for residents and businesses. Our community prioritizes education, embraces cultural diversity, and is dedicated to the well-being of its residents. Central is more than a city; it’s A Community that Cares.


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