IBTS Headquarters is Moving from Herndon to Ashburn, VA

By November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011 – Ashburn, VA:

On Monday, Nov. 28, IBTS will begin operations in our new Headquarters building located at 45207 Research Place, Ashburn, VA.

The new building is energy-efficient and will provide much-needed additional office space for our expanding operations. IBTS Chief Financial Officer Shyam Choudhary announced the event:  “As we have added new clients our staff has grown as well, and it is time to make the move to larger offices for our team. In our new building we have ample room for our staff and room to grow the departments within our organization. IBTS management and staff are excited at this positive change, and we hope you will share our excitement with us.”


Press Contact:
Karen Johnson
Market Engagement Program Director