Louisiana IBTS to Provide Modular Plan Reviews and Inspections for General Shelters of Texas

By July 7, 2009

July 07, 2009 – Herndon, VA: General Shelters of Texas has awarded an agreement to Louisiana IBTS to provide modular plan reviews and inspections.

General Shelters of Texas was looking for a reputable and code-knowledgeable third party provider that would provide them with plan reviews and inspections for all of the modular structures they sell in Louisiana. General Shelters chose Louisiana IBTS to perform that work, due to IBTS’s years of experience in Louisiana and its level of knowledge of the new construction codes as they pertain to high, wide areas, particularly the coastal region. General Shelters was pleased with the fact that IBTS would provide them with professional services in their factory with only 24 hours’ notice. IBTS will be providing the following services to General Shelters:

  • Modular Plan Reviews:
    • Wind zone / coastal reviews.
    • Non-wind zone reviews.
    • Electronic review, approval and distribution.
    • All structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing included.
  • Modular Inspections:
    • In-factory verification of construction compliance.
    • Includes wind zone construction.
    • Verification of special securement.
    • All structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing included.

IBTS will also provide flood plain determination consultation when General Shelters is aware of an exact location in which a modular structure will be placed. IBTS will assist General Shelters in identifying any potential flood zones and any elevation issues they may encounter, enabling their engineering department to identify, in advance, their foundation details with the design of the building to ensure complete customer satisfaction and further aid the local Building Official with documented evidence of compliance with flood zone regulations.

This project will be headed up by Steve Quaid, CBO, CFM as the Plan Review Manager. Dean Runnels, CBO, will serve as the on-site point of contact. Factory Inspector Greg Blount, Louisiana IBTS Branch Manager, will be responsible for project oversight and customer satisfaction.


Press Contact:

Karen Johnson
Market Engagement Program Director