Louisiana IBTS Wins City of Tallulah’s Property Maintenance Services Contract

By January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010 – Tallulah, LA: The City of Tallulah, Louisiana has begun an extensive project to clean up the city. Mayor Eddie Beckwith, Jr. and the Tallulah Town Council plan to renovate Tallulah in order to attract business, industry and homeowners. The Mayor and Town Council were presented with flooding problems after some residents used a drainage ditch as a dump site, eventually clogging culverts. Residents expressed numerous concerns and wanted a comprehensive plan put into place to address litter, abandoned vehicles, unsafe buildings, and other nuisance problems such as infestation and high grass/weeds. They turned to IBTS for assistance in developing a solution that would benefit everyone and make the City of Tallulah a better place to live.

After numerous Town Hall meetings, public hearings and Council Committee Meetings, the City of Tallulah unanimously appointed IBTS to develop, implement and enforce Property Maintenance Standards within the city limits. IBTS will write the necessary ordinances, develop all required forms, implement a complaint-based system to allow citizens, fire fighters, police officers, EMTs and other public officials to file complaints for investigation. Citizens may file complaints anonymously, but the Property Standards Board will be used as a system of checks and balances to avoid “nuisance complaints” that are not valid violations. IBTS will develop policies and procedures that blend effectively with the Tallulah Police Department to maintain compliance with all state laws that affect motorized vehicles.

IBTS will be providing a full permitting system, inspections and enforcement of the ordinance that protects Tallulah citizens by:

  • Condemning and demolishing hazardous and/or dilapidated structures.
  • Removing abandoned vehicles that present road hazards.
  • Removing condemned or abandoned commercial or industry equipment.
  • Ensuring that all structures are safe for occupancy.
  • Closing buildings due to infestations.
  • Cutting down high grass or weeds that lower property values or obstruct traffic.
  • Removing abandoned appliances, lawn equipment and other white goods.
  • Fining properties that leave trash on-site that attract nuisance animals / insects.
  • Performing annual rental property inspections.
  • Performing upkeep to ensure safe and habitable homes are being maintained.

IBTS has appointed Larry Walters as Task Manager on this project to monitor, inspect and fully enforce the city ordinances. Mr. Walters, as a Certified Building Official and a Certified Property Inspector will bring over 15 years experience to this project of assisting the town with its property maintenance improvements. Mr. Greg Blount, Louisiana IBTS Branch Manager, will provide overall project oversight, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Press Contact:

Karen Johnson
Market Engagement Program Director