Louisiana IBTS Wins Contract for Tensas Parish Flood Plain Management

By April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009 – Tensas Parish, Louisiana: Tensas Parish, Louisiana has awarded an agreement to Louisiana IBTS to provide NFIP Flood Plain Program services, including:

  • Flood Zone Determination
  • Flood Zone Permitting
  • Flood Way Verification
  • Flood Plain Program Document Management
    • Elevation Certificate Tracking
    • Photo Management
    • Building Permit/Flood Permit Integration
  • Electronic Web-based NFIP Management
  • Flood Plain Enforcement
  • Community Rating System Implementation
  • Flood Insurance Rate Map Management
  • Compliance Verification
  • Map Printing (Including DFirms)
  • Electronic Data Backup
  • Flood Plain Ordinance Review & Revisions

Tensas Parish decided to utilize flood plain services from IBTS because their office staff workload has grown, and the time and experience required to conduct flood plain assessments has made it increasingly challenging to process applications in a timely manner in order to provide accurate and efficient flood plain reviews. These reviews became even more of a challenge as the State of Louisiana passed statewide Uniform Construction Codes (LSUCC) that needed to be blended with the National Flood Insurance Program to ensure that Federal, State and local construction codes were not being compromised, so that the parish Flood Insurance Program would not be placed in jeopardy. The parish recognized the efficiency in reviewing the flood plain development applications at the same time as the construction code reviews, and therefore decided to make the flood plain assessment a part of the building plan review process.

IBTS provided an assessment of Tensas Parish’s current Flood Plain Program processes, and developed a viable and sustainable Flood Plain Management Program that would provide efficiency and full compliance with all required laws, ordinances and codes. IBTS will also provide web-based software that will allow the permits and documentation to be processed in tandem with the building permit software already in place for over 1,000 permits a year. This permitting flood plain management software will enable all flood plain documents, firmettes, Elevation Certificates, pictures and numerous other supporting documents to be attached to and tracked with a specific permit. IBTS is providing this service in order to ensure full compliance with the documentation of the NFIP.

IBTS has appointed Greg Blount, Louisiana Branch Manager, and Larry Walters, Certified Building Official, to function as the primary staff for this project. Mr. Walters will act as the Building Official for the project, while Mr. Blount will be responsible for policy, client satisfaction and overall management of the contract.


Press Contact:

Karen Johnson
Market Engagement Program Director