OMSC/OML Offers Pre-Event Disaster Recovery Agreements with IBTS as Member Benefit

By September 11, 2018

Ashburn, VA — September 11, 2018

A new OMSC member benefit enables municipalities to engage with IBTS for pre-event contracts for disaster mitigation and recovery services.

The Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is pleased to announce that the Oklahoma Municipal Services Corporation (OMSC), the business arm of the Oklahoma Municipal League (OML), is offering pre-event contracts for disaster mitigation and recovery as a benefit to OML members.

OMSC and IBTS entered into a cooperative purchase agreement, allowing OML members to access pre-event contracts for recovery services ahead of a disaster. Under the agreement, members have access to subrecipient agreements, disaster planning and plan activation, initial disaster response, post-disaster services, recovery administration, grant closeout, resilience planning, and other associated shared services. Establishing a relationship with a firm that has already been vetted can accelerate time to recovery.

“OMSC is pleased to announce a new Master Agreement for Disaster Services with IBTS. This service allows our cities and towns the ability to create a pre-event contract prior to a disaster occurring in their community” says Mike Fina, Executive Director of OML.  “We think it is very important for cities and towns to be proactive when preparing for a potential disaster. It makes sense to have already put into place the procedure for post-disaster assistance.”

“We are very excited to have this agreement in place with OMSC/OML,” says Blake Ratcliff, Director of Economic Development and Disaster Recovery at IBTS. “It’s great to see communities planning and putting the contract piece of the puzzle in place before the chaos and confusion of a disaster hits. They know we will be there if and when they need us.”


Press Contact:

Karen Johnson
Market Engagement Program Director 



Founded in 1913, the OML serves as the individual and collective voice of local government officials in interactions at both the state and national levels. The OML provides services and programs to its members to assist them in better serving their citizens and communities and acts as a clearinghouse to offer services which individual cities and towns do not have the time, money, or expertise to provide alone. As the business arm of the League, OMSC continues to foster strategic partnerships for the benefit of the OML members.  OMSC has several agreements with select partners to bring services to the members of OML.


About IBTS:

IBTS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping communities through quality services that reduce risk, enhance public safety, and improve quality of life.  IBTS is headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia with branch offices across the country.  IBTS’s work is guided by a Board of Directors made up of government officials appointed by five of the most highly respected, grassroots, state and local governmental associations, including the Council of State Governments (CSG), International City/County Management Association (ICMA), National Association of Counties (NACo), National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center), and National League of Cities (NLC).