Cover of the Residential Installation Best Practices Guide

Residential Solar Projects: Installation Best Practices

This guide provides best practices for high-quality, consistent residential solar projects. Updated September 2018! Download this guide.

Smart Solutions: Technology Serving Communities

ICMA and IBTS have developed the Smart Solutions: Technology Serving Communities e-book. This publication offers many resources for local government officials such as how-to-guidance, case studies, and relevant information on emerging technologies. Download to read the full publication.

Solar Labeling Requirements Guide

This guide is in accordance to the 2011 National Electric Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Association. Download to use during Solar PV installations and inspections.

Solar PV Inspections Checklist

Solar PV Inspections Checklist

Are you a Solar PV inspector? Download this comprehensive guide to use in the field during your inspections.

Guide to Implementing Solar PV for Local Governments

Everything a Local Government needs to know to implement Solar PV is included in this guide, published by ICMA and funded by the Department of Energy’s Sunshot Program. Download this guide.

SAPC Best Practices in PV System Operations and Maintenance

Solar industry stakeholders from various fields of practice joined NREL’s Solar Access to Public Capital (SAPC) O&M working group to develop best practices for operations and maintenance of Solar PV systems. Download this guide.