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Helping building departments of all sizes

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Our team of engineers, plan examiners, inspectors, permit technicians, and administrative support are available to help make your building department more efficient and effective, preventing backlogs, saving your locality time and money, and helping your community thrive.

IBTS’s building department services provides several services to help building departments:

Streamline the permit process. Our automated building department services software, GOVmotus, improves operational efficiency of the permitting process from application intake through completion.

Speed plan and peer review processes. IBTS can reduce the turnaround time for plan reviews from weeks, and sometimes even months, to under one week.

Reduce risks associated with flooding or other disasters. Certified floodplain managers, building officials, and inspectors can help administer your floodplain or disaster preparedness program, building resilience and reducing the damage when flooding does occur.

Manage MILCON projects effectively. We provide oversight that is on par with civilian and private developments in the same localities to keep projects on schedule and in compliance.

Help manage LEED certification and historic and utilitarian value preservation. 

Our Work in Action

IBTS partnered with the League of Kansas Municipalities (the League) to offer a suite of building department services to member cities, including planning, zoning, permitting, plan review, inspections, floodplain management stormwater services, property maintenance, accessibility reviews, fire code reviews, and GOVmotusTMpermitting software. By partnering with IBTS, cities are able to share resources and provide quality service to its community for an affordable cost.

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