Streamlining Complex Building Department Process

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To help jurisdictions manage the complex processes that can overwhelm their building departments, IBTS developed GOVmotus—a hosted software solution that helps manage, automate, and track building department processes.

GOVmotus provides customizable packages and tailored configuration to meet the unique needs of any jurisdiction while increasing operational efficiency by streamlining the entire permitting process, from application intake through completion.

With GOVmotus, permitting is centralized, sequential, and automated. Additionally, GOVmotus is:

  • Hosted by IBTS. No servers to buy, no software to install. It’s browser based and works on mobile devices running Chrome or Internet Explorer. We manage and maintain the system so you don’t have to.
  • Easy to configure and implement. GOVmotus is both affordable (making it attractive to small and mid-sized jurisdictions) and innovative, with many of the features found in more expensive platforms.
  • User-friendly and configurable. Different cities have different needs. We developed GOVmotus to be highly configurable – it can be tailored specifically to your city’s codes and ordinances. In addition, the user experience is nearly seamless; all documents associated with a permit are linked and permanently stored together, making data retrieval simple and fast. Other features, like the built-in fee calculators, ensure ordinance compliance and reduces loss of revenue.
  • A time saver. The GOVmotus contractor portal allows users to easily apply and pay for permits from the convenience of their home or office.
  • A tool for customer (citizen) satisfaction. Accurate and timely communication is critical. GOVmotus enhances communication between applicants and other municipal departments.

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