Management & Consulting Services

Accelerating Progress in Communities Across the Nation

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Custom-designed management and consulting services to meet the unique needs of the communities we serve.

IBTS offers a wide range of management and consulting services, all designed to reduce the burden of governments at all levels. From construction management, grant management and administration, to program management and training, IBTS works collaboratively with government officials to boost their organizational performance and streamline processes.

IBTS implements new technologies, best-practices, and proven methodologies in each federal, state, or local entity to deliver program requirements on-time, in budget, and within scope. All of our management and consulting services are custom designed to meet the needs of the communities we serve. For 40 years, government officials, leaders and managers have relied on IBTS to accelerate progress, help relieve their burdens and reduce risk in the face of daunting regulatory compliance requirements, public scrutiny, and day-in and day-out challenges.

Management and Consulting Services

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