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Applying Professional Management Practices to Ensure Total Community Health

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IBTS combines the innovation and efficiency associated with the private sector with the transparency and trust of a nonprofit provider to guarantee the best possible results for your community.

America’s cities, counties, villages, and towns are facing mounting financial and operational challenges.  As a stakeholder and influencer in your community, you are experiencing the effects of stalling revenues and rising costs, along with the ever-evolving service level and transparency expectations of your constituents.  You deserve a trusted partner and advisor to help you navigate these challenges, and set your community on a path to both a stronger quality of life and a healthier balance sheet.

We understand your challenges because we’ve been in your shoes—and we have the talent, technology, and resources you need to overcome the obstacles to your community’s success.

Our Local Government Solutions division was built by local government for local government.  Our team of current and former elected officials, City Managers, Finance Directors, Planners, and engineers are experts in their associated fields and bring decades of experience from every corner of City Hall.  We are guided by a Board of Directors representing such local government advocates as the International City-County Managers Association, the National League of Cities, and the National Association of Counties.  We support communities in a range of operational models—from a fully-integrated, total service delivery approach to just managing one or two areas of operations.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Finance and Administration: Our team supports communities in a range of financial and administrative areas, including revenue management, AP/AR, financial transaction readiness coaching, payroll management, and records management.
  • Human Capital Management: Our NP3 approach removes post-employment benefits, health care costs, and pension obligation from your balance sheet.   Additionally, our HR subject matter experts can coach your professionals on regulatory compliance, performance management, and all elements of the employment lifecycle.
  • Planning, Zoning, and Development Regulation: Our nationwide team of AICP certified planners, National Charrette Institute certified facilitators, and form-based code experts can support virtually every element of your planning process, from long range comprehensive planning to zoning code updates to tailor-made development regulations.
  • Building Department Services: Our team has dozens of ICC certifications, and can support all aspects of your development review process.  We are currently providing permitting, inspections, property maintenance, code enforcement, and imbedded or remote plan review services.
  • Public Works: IBTS manages infrastructure programs for multiple communities around the country, including capital improvement planning, water and wastewater treatment, collection, and distribution, street and highway maintenance, and building and grounds services.  Our workflow optimization and asset management approaches can reduce operations costs and extend the lifespan of your assets.
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Efficiency: How will your organization look in ten years?  How can you gain maximum productivity from your workforce?  Our team of subject matter experts in local government operations can help you apply and calibrate management best practices to drive performance in your local government.


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