Municipal Services

Mission Over Margin

View down the main street of a small town, lined with brick buildings and street lamps.

Through a Non-Profit Public Partnership, we deliver municipal services that function like a private organization, yet maintain the transparency that citizens demand.

IBTS offers municipal services for local governments, state municipal leagues, and council of governments through a Non-Profit Public Partnership (NP3). Many local governments are faced with a variety of challenges, such as budget shortfalls, retiring staff, a lack of certified professionals, and data security. IBTS’s municipal service offerings can help remove the burden of these day-to-day challenges from government officials, allowing officials to place a greater focus on the overarching mission of the municipality.

When partnering with a municipality, IBTS conducts a budget analysis to find ways to save money, or use it more wisely, in addition to sharing found efficiencies with the community.

IBTS is not bound to the oftentimes restrictive process of RFPs or RFQs, allowing us to negotiate better pricing and often beat government wholesale prices. Since we do not have stockholders demanding profits, IBTS focuses on serving the needs of the citizens first – we go above and beyond the specific terms outlined in our contract. While other for-profit organizations can understand their clients’ needs, none can approach serving the citizens with the compassion and compatibility that IBTS offers.

Services and Capabilities

  • Customer Service Training
  • Infrastructure Analysis and Reporting
  • 24/7 Live Call Center Services
  • Cemetery Services
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Management
    • Grant Writing and Management
    • Subrecipient Approved
  • Department Feasibility Studies
  • Department Modernization
  • Safety Services
    • OSHA Required Training
    • Insurance Risk Management

Our Work in Action

IBTS has provided the City of Guymon, OK, with Administrative, Community Development, Public Works, Utilities, Parks and Recreation, and Library services since November 2015, when IBTS entered into a Public-Nonprofit Partnership (NP3) contract with the City. In just the first year of service, IBTS saved the City $385,000 in pension management fees by simply moving the pension plan to an IBTS plan. Furthermore, employees did not lose a single penny of their retirement.

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