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Planning for the Greater Good – Putting Mission over Margin

Local governments are responsible for providing a safe environment and seamless services to its citizens while remaining fiscally efficient. While some communities have the resources to tackle the tasks of creating and updating comprehensive and master plans, code updates, economic development strategies, and other municipal functions in-house, many do not. This is where IBTS comes in.

We are built by local government. Many firms can author and update plans and other guiding documents. The IBTS team differs because we come from every corner of local government. Our experts work with community leadership to customize strategies, ensuring that they can be readily implemented and work seamlessly with your organization.

We are more than a planning firm. Our team members are collaborative in nature and look for interdisciplinary solutions to challenges in each community. We create teams that draw upon IBTS’ full cadre of professionals – from Hazard Mitigation, to Building Department Services, to Grant Management, and our IBTS OnHAND and Resilience Assessment tools – we tailor our approach to best meet each community’s need.

We are driven by resilience. As land use patterns, demographics, and economies change, our priority is to help your community adapt. We build resilience by addressing stressors to the social fabric in communities, economic development, infrastructure, and the environment – both built and natural.

We thrive when you thrive. Our passion is to bolster communities and create vibrant neighborhoods that balance economy with equity. We work collaboratively with your community, placing our mission – to help your community – over our margin to achieve results.

Our Planning and Economic Development team at IBTS leverages decades of expertise to support communities with the following needs, and more:

Specific Project Support

  • Comprehensive Land Use Plans
  • Unified Development Ordinances
  • Adaptive Reuse Studies
  • Placemaking Studies
  • Housing and Retail Studies and Strategies
  • Affordable Housing Plans
  • Downtown Economic Development Strategies
  • Corridor Studies
  • Transportation Planning
  • Charrette Facilitation and Management
  • Parks and Greenway Master Plans

Ongoing Support

  • Full-time planning and economic development staff to municipal governments, council of governments, and economic development organizations to provide onsite technical support
  • On-call planning and zoning consulting services
  • Project management
  • Administration of special districts, such as downtown development authorities and business improvement districts


For more information on our service offerings, please contact Ryan Griffith, Program Director, Planning and Economic Development at or 717.215.7541.

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