Parks & Recreation

Proven Service Methods and Tools

Wide-range view of playground surrounded by green space.

IBTS brings cutting-edge methods guided by best practices to bolster quality parks services in communities across the country.

IBTS is committed to bringing new techniques and technology to assure budgets and schedules are managed effectively and within the parameters of the scope of work. We use best-practice approaches – maintaining monthly/weekly schedules, using per-park quality standard checklists, and visual inspections by management – to provide the quality parks services that cities require.

With IBTS, manpower and equipment needs are based on established industry benchmarks and best practices, and daily operations are guided by a program manager educated in the discipline. Our proven service methods and tools, such as our tool for work order tracking, allow for municipalities to better respond to citizen requests and track worker productivity, resulting in high-quality service, prompt response, and efficient worker teams.

Services and Capabilities

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Park Maintenance
  • Sports Complex Management

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