Public Works

Services that Save Governments Time and Money

IBTS public works staff sprays cement onto the road to patch a hole.

Our public works services relieve the day-to-day burden from local governments and improve the quality of life for every citizen while keeping community spaces well-maintained and functioning properly.

IBTS knows that public works services are important to a well-functioning municipality and highly visible to the citizens; they demand extra attention and care. Our public works services deliver cost-effective solutions that free up government time and money to focus on other critical tasks. We strive to make customer service the number one priority of our public works services; our team works to build and sustain relationships with citizens, deepening our understanding of their needs to improve our services.

The Condition Assessment Program (CAP) is central to the public works services delivered by IBTS. All public works tasks are contingent upon the successful completion of the CAP. This gives cities the advantage of knowing the full condition of the public works infrastructure and citizens gain the benefit of a scheduled, implemented City-wide public works improvement program.

Services and Capabilities 

  • Engineering Services
  • Cost-Recovery Grant Services
  • Capital Improvement Program Administration
  • City Decorations​
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Grass Cutting and Weed Control Services
  • Road Maintenance
  • Utilities, Gas, Water and Sewer
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment

Our Work in Action

As the boots on the ground for the City of Central, LA, IBTS is responsible to manage the delivery of services to citizens and on behalf of citizens to each and every stakeholder of the community. As part of this agreement, IBTS maintains a core Public Works program including infrastructure maintenance (roads, bridges, common areas) for the city. Public Works also includes Disaster and Catastrophic Emergency response services. Read more about the disaster services IBTS provided to Central after catastrophic flooding in 2016.

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