Accelerated Inspections

Accelerated Inspections

The accelerated inspection process can utilize either on-site staff or local contractors to capture field data while remote experts review, comment, and question what they observe in real time.


Accelerated inspections utilize:

  • 3D phone capture of project conditions
  • Cloud storage of all site results
  • Collaborative exchange of media and comments
  • High-quality estimating and inspection data collection reporting
  • Media capture via phone cameras and drones
  • Real-time 4K video of entire visit activity


This process helps to keep costs down while providing jurisdictions with certified, quality inspectors. Accelerated inspections can be especially effective during the disaster recovery process and within jurisdictions that lack qualified staff. Inspectors, construction specialists, estimators, database managers, and all interested stakeholders are “virtually” present and collaborating in real time during these inspections. This enables projects to be kept on schedule while enhancing citizen safety.

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