FEMA Program Management

Getting Citizens into Safe, Transportable Temporary Housing Solutions after Natural Disasters

Manufactured Home Certifications

IBTS measures disaster recovery success by speed, effectiveness, and efficiency helping disaster survivors and their communities.

After a natural disaster, localities need a quick and reliable emergency housing solution for thousands of displaced residents; this often comes in the form of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) manufactured housing units (MHUs). As an expert on MHUs, IBTS provides oversight and quality control throughout the entire lifecycle of FEMA’s MHU program. Our emergency housing solutions ensure that localities are provided with MHUs that are built to the highest quality and ready to deploy when a disaster strikes.

IBTS also provides other emergency sheltering services on an as-needed, contract basis. Emergency sheltering services include evaluating potential places of refuge for windstorm events and shelters for non-wind events in existing buildings.

Services and Capabilities

  • Reviews of MHU designs
  • In-plant inspections of MHUs during the manufacturing process
  • Forensic analysis and investigations of potential defects or other issues in manufactured homes
  • Environmental, health and safety reviews of MHUs
  • Forensic analysis and investigations of MHU system failures
  • Installations and inspections of MHU residential fire sprinkler systems
  • Analysis and verification of compliance with FEMA’s contract requirements
  • Provide recommendations on issues resulting from manufacturing, storage, transportation, installation, and maintenance
  • Investigate root causes of incidents within MHUs such as fires, leaks, and all other potential failures

Our Work in Action

Unprecedented flooding in August 2016, displaced thousands of residents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and its surrounding parishes. We were brought into this area to ensure the safety and well-being of survivors housed in MHUs. IBTS and its subcontractors installed and inspected over 3,000 fire safety systems, provided 24x7x365 maintenance support for the fire safety systems throughout the region, and cut in half incident response time. Our services helped to put thousands of survivors into safe, sanitary housing where they could reestablish a sense of normalcy in their lives.

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