Disaster Planning

Street signs on the ground after a tornado

Preparing for natural disasters is essential for all communities, but in reality, many struggle with finding the time and capacity to do thorough disaster planning. IBTS brings its expertise and resources to your community to create a customized plan that works for you without overwhelming your staff.

We provide peace of mind to our government and community partners by developing a comprehensive disaster plan and recovery strategy that addresses each locality’s unique risks and maximizes available resources.

We will address each step of the disaster planning process, including:

  • Identifying and developing strategies for reaching post-recovery goals, such as getting citizens back into homes and rebuilding infrastructure
  • Developing a communication and coordination program to activate the disaster plan
  • Familiarizing internal staff and stakeholders with the disaster plan and chain of command
  • Making a plan for managing volunteer efforts that ensures assistance and resources do not go to waste

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