Quality Assurance

The IBTS Proven Method

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A thought leader in the quality field, IBTS’s unique quality assurance method offers demonstrated credentials through a process that surpasses the ideas of other giants in the quality field.

IBTS approaches quality assurance as a risk management activity to more effectively ensure regulatory compliance. This allows us to provide investment-grade quality assurance that reduces our clients’ program costs and delays, increases efficiency and effectiveness, and preserves resources and reputations.

IBTS’s reputation as a thought leader in the quality field is grounded in decades of experience overseeing manufacturing processes and lifecycle performances, in addition to oversight for housing and commercial structure post-disaster quality reviews across the country and tens of thousands of home-energy retrofit reviews. IBTS has a time-tested reputation for setting rigorous standards and processes that provide consistent and reliable results.

The IBTS Proven Method

Our method combines innovative processes from well-known quality theorists with processes that prioritize asset value and lifecycle performance. To guide our method, we ask the following seven questions:

  • Scope: What is the responsibility of the employee?
  • Procedure: How is the work performed?
  • Deliverables: What are the results?
  • Measurements: What are the performance metrics?
  • Routine Quality: How are results measured?
  • Reporting: How is work accounted for?
  • Asset Protection: How do you protect the value of the result?

Through this method, we’re able to provide timely and accurate reporting for reviews and field inspections. IBTS uses certified professionals across a wide array of disciplines, including building, electrical, fire safety, mechanical, and plumbing. We offer independent verification and validation services to both government and program participants for building systems and regulatory programs to ensure compliance in addition to safe, comfortable and well-constructed buildings.

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