Audits & Oversight

View from above of the hands of a plan reviewer on construction site reviewing printed construction designs.

Through decades of experience, IBTS has learned what works and improved what doesn’t to provide our clients with proven quality audit and oversight best practices that ensure compliance and maximize efficiency of current quality controls.

IBTS conducts audits and various types of inspections to verify that a program’s performance is consistently meeting compliance regulations and established expectations. Through the data we collect, we help our clients evaluate if current controls are adequate and functioning as intended, and determine whether public and private third parties are performing in accordance with procedures and regulatory obligations.

Our operational audits and paperwork reviews determine if programs comply with local, state, and federal standards and regulations, processes, and policies.

IBTS is committed to providing the highest-value quality assurance services available. In our 40 years of experience, we’ve consistently refined our auditing procedures through applied research, consensus-building workshops, guidance from technical and subject matter experts, and the development of training guidebooks.

Services and Capabilities

  • Monitoring for regulatory, programmatic, and procedural compliance
  • Independent verification and validation of businesses processes and procedures used by manufacturers, third-party agencies, and state government agencies
  • Maintaining data on inspections, audits, document reviews and assessments
  • Analyzing that data to make recommendations on corrective actions, enforcement actions, training needs, and other regulatory decisions

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