Construction Inspections

A Superior Reputation for Timely, Accurate Reporting

Male housing inspector, squatting, taking notes on problem area of home.

Our staff is experienced in professional interaction with builders and contractors; we deliver unbiased and objective reports to meet all construction inspection needs.

A construction inspection is a “snapshot” in time, performed during various stages of construction to verify that the work being performed under the building permit meets the Codes as adopted by the State, City, or Local government.

IBTS responds to all types of needs, including emergencies, disaster recovery, priority building, or long-term inspections. We provide services to the government to help augment existing resources, and also perform inspections of construction components at the factory level on behalf of the government. Our services also include plan/peer reviews and field inspections for homes, buildings, and structures nationwide.

Our fully qualified staff have all the necessary inspector, plans examiner, and code official certifications in building, electrical, fire safety, mechanical, and plumbing. We enjoy a superior reputation for timely, accurate reporting and a unique “team approach” to independent third party oversight.

Services and Capabilities

  • Inspection and Certification
    • Inspections and plan reviews
    • Building
    • Electrical
    • Fire Safety
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing
    • EnergySTAR Partner performing HERS ratings and certification
    • LEED for new construction, and other green building program verification
    • Performance testing and diagnostics
    • Weatherization
    • Training and curriculum development


  • Response to Client Needs
    • Priority building
    • Long-term inspections
    • Military Housing
    • Disaster Analysis during state of emergency


  • Compliance Services
    • Conducting code compliance evaluation
    • Performing investigations and studies
    • Performing site verifications
    • Monitoring factory production
    • Fully certified staff


  • Auditing and Commissioning
    • Quality audits and oversight services
    • Environmental assessment and compliance
    • Measurement, verification support, and project commissioning
    • Training and curriculum development
    • Energy audits


  • Analysis
    • Energy modeling, systems engineering, and trade-off analysis
    • Residential and light commercial building science analysis
    • Green building methodology and verification
    • Training and curriculum development


  • Code Feasibility Issues
    • Architectural
    • Building
    • Accessibility
    • Structural
    • Fire Protection
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing


  • Home Inspections
    • Footings
    • Under Slab
    • Frame (Rough in) Plumbing
    • Frame (Rough in) Mechanical
    • Frame (Rough in) Electrical
    • Frame (Rough in) Building
    • Final Plumbing
    • Final Mechanical
    • Final Electrical
    • Final Building

Our Work in Action

IBTS was been the sole provider of comprehensive code inspection of all above ground and surface construction and systems for four of the five stations for which the Commonwealth of Virginia was responsible in an 11-mile extension of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Metro system. IBTS conducted construction inspections comprised review of at-, above- and below-grade rail lines, stations, and all related systems and infrastructure, in accordance with requirements of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.

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