Disaster Inspections

Getting Residents Into Homes Safer and Faster After a Natural Disaster

A house on a suburban street is raised off its foundation.

Our disaster inspection services ensure municipalities maintain program compliance, while getting displaced residents back into safe, structurally sound housing in the shortest amount of time.

Natural disasters leave damaged infrastructure and thousands of damaged homes in their wake, which all must be inspected to set the recovery process in motion and rebuild the community. IBTS provides disaster inspections and damage assessments on both homes and infrastructure in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster and during the active recovery process that follows. We have a wide range of experience providing disaster inspection services to urban, suburban, and rural communities across all areas of the country – from New York City to North Dakota, Texas and Louisiana.

Our home inspection services involve evaluating residential homes for the cost of damage and structural issues, in addition to life safety concerns. Our goal is to return residents to homes in the fastest and safest manner possible, while ensuring municipalities meet compliance requirements for federal disaster assistance programs and state and local regulations. Although we don’t work with homeowners directly, we keep your residents at the forefront of our concerns and efforts to ensure your community rebuilds safer and stronger.

Following a natural disaster, municipalities often underestimate the scope of disaster recovery. IBTS understands the scale of disaster recovery; our disaster inspection experts are well-versed and experienced with the rules and regulations of federal disaster assistance programs.

At the forefront of technology in every service we provide, IBTS is not only pioneering the latest disaster inspection technology, but we have the best technology solutions for everything from on-site inspections to application intake. This allows us to consistently deliver quick, reliable results to meet stringent time constraints of federal disaster assistance programs.

Although we partner with municipalities to provide our inspection services after natural disasters, our services impact the community as a whole. We allow local leaders to demonstrate tangible recovery progress to the community, while benefiting homeowners by getting them into a safe and secure living establishment in the shortest possible timeframe.

Services and Capabilities

  • Cost analysis
  • Life safety review
  • Program startup and management
  • Applicant intake
  • Architectural design services
  • Construction management

Our Work in Action

IBTS evaluated over 3,500 homes in less than three years as part of the New York City Build it Back (BiB) program, which provided assistance for homeowners, landlords and renters to restore their homes after Hurricane Sandy.

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