Equitable Climate Resilience for US Local Governments

Research effort will help understand the intersection of equity and climate resilience for cities

IBTS was recently awarded a grant from The Kresge Foundation to lead a project exploring obstacles and opportunities that local governments face in addressing social equity and climate resilience.

The project includes multiple phases, starting with a survey of elected and non-elected officials and staff from medium and large cities. The survey will be the first large-scale data collection effort on the intersection of these topics among US cities.

The survey will identify how issues related to equity and resilience affect cities and their residents, the extent to which cities are able to address these issues, the challenges and barriers they face, and actions they have taken and solutions they have developed.

The new-to-the world data resulting from this survey will:

  • Help cities better understand how other cities address these issues.
  • Allow cities to better identify and address these issues during their resilience assessments and planning efforts.
  • Help those in the equitable climate resilience field address city needs and develop solutions.

IBTS will update its Community Resilience Framework and Tools (CRAFT) using results from the survey, then test these revisions with pilot CRAFT assessments conducted in three cities. This update will enable communities that use CRAFT to better understand and address social equity in their resilience assessment and planning efforts.

Participate in the Survey!

Elected and non-elected officials, including mayors, city council members, city managers, sustainability officers, planners, and others who represent US cities with populations of 50,000 or more are strongly encouraged to participate!

Please share your contact information if you would like to participate in the survey, which will be available in April. When the survey is active, we will email you.