Equitable Climate Resilience

Has your community planned for the impacts of climate-related events on socially vulnerable populations?

Throughout the U.S., historically vulnerable communities are at much higher risk of adverse outcomes from
extreme weather and changing climate conditions compared with other populations. Our recent study of local governments found most agree equitable climate resilience (ECR) should be a priority, but few have had success addressing it.


IBTS’ Community Resilience Assessment Framework and Tools for Equitable Climate Resilience (CRAFT-ECR) is a practical planning resource to help local governments address the complex intersection of climate resilience and social equity by:

  • Facilitating engagement and building consensus with stakeholders
  • Establishing a common ECR vision for your community
  • Creating an organizational infrastructure for ECR
  • Leveraging strengths and identifying barriers to ECR success
  • Prioritizing ECR needs and opportunities
  • Generating momentum for ECR action
  • Providing support for funding opportunities

CRAFT-ECR assesses your community’s equitable climate resilience across five essential categories:

Data Utilization
Funding & Finance
Organizational Capacity
Stakeholder Engagement


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IBTS developed CRAFT-ECR following a two-year study of local government challenges and barriers to equitable climate resilience (ECR). The study, conducted with funding from The Kresge Foundation and in partnership with the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) and the National League of Cities (NLC), included a 22-member advisory panel, a survey of 200 city leaders, and pilot testing in three cities.

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