Resilience Assessment & Planning Services

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IBTS’s resilience assessment and planning services are strategically designed to meet the needs, challenges and most pertinent threats facing small- and medium-sized communities.

IBTS offers a suite of resilience assessment and planning services to help communities anticipate risk, limit impact, and bounce back rapidly from natural and manmade disasters and threats.

IBTS defines resilience through a multi-sector, multi-hazard approach that addresses chronic stressors and acute shocks, ranging from social well-being, to small business continuity, emergency infrastructure and intergovernmental relationships.

Our expertise and suite of tools support communities in increasing their safety, security, and stability, which ultimately improves the quality of life for their residents, makes them more economically competitive and mitigates the loss of life and property in the event of a crisis.

Services & Capabilities

  • Resilience baseline assessments using the IBTS Community Resilience Assessment Framework & Tools (CRAFT) for small and medium-sized communities, an innovative online platform. Assessments are conducted by IBTS subject matter experts (SMEs) and help communities identify their resilience strengths and vulnerabilities while providing practical, actionable suggestions for improvement.
  • Project impact assessments to help communities identify and prioritize projects and initiatives that have the greatest potential to improve their baseline resilience. IBTS resilience SMEs provide actionable advice and guidance on projects to pursue and how to maximize their impact to lead to a more resilient community.
  • Resilience workshops facilitated onsite with local stakeholders. Workshops are customized to help communities develop, plan, and implement their specific resilience objectives and goals.

Our Work in Action

As part of IBTS’s community service mission, IBTS recently partnered with the National League of Cities (NLC) to facilitate a Small Cities Resilience Competition. IBTS used CRAFT to provide on-site baseline assessments and facilitate a resilience workshop in two finalist communities: Germantown, TN, and Norristown, PA. The workshops helped the communities identify resilience projects that would make the greatest impact on improving their social, economic, and government resilience.

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