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IBTS provides services through fully-owned subsidiary organizations when appropriate.

IBTS Community Services, LLC

IBTS-CS provides municipal services through public-nonprofit partnerships. As a nonprofit entity, IBTS-CS provides services that are similar to the those provided by local governments, allowing localities to use their resources more efficiently and improving services to citizens.

  • IBTS-CS first collaborates with municipalities to establish which services needed.
  • We introduce new workflows and tools to increase efficiency and decrease the cost of service delivery.
    • For example, we have developed an online permitting system which maintains records and improves communication between jurisdictions and developers.
  • We continue this collaboration throughout service delivery to ensure both municipal officials and citizens are satisfied.
  • Municipalities retain full authority for decisions related to services throughout this partnership.

IBTS Government Services, LLC

IBTS-GS is a for-profit company that provides building department services to small and large developers and government agencies on the federal, state, and local levels.

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