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IBTS provides services through fully-owned subsidiary organizations when appropriate.

IBTS Community Services, LLC

IBTS-CS provides municipal services through public-nonprofit partnerships. As a nonprofit entity, IBTS-CS provides services that are similar to the those provided by local governments, allowing localities to use their resources more efficiently and improve services to citizens.

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IBTS Government Services, LLC

IBTS-GS is a for-profit company that provides building department services to small and large developers and government agencies on the federal, state, and local levels.

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BuildingInsight, LLC

BuildingInsight, LLC is IBTS’s full service market research firm.¬†BuildingInsight uses private sector excellence and innovation in market research to serve and strengthen communities. We provide quantitative and qualitative research solutions to public and private clients, as well as additional services to help organizations enhance decision making and develop a successful path forward.

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