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We help governments tackle both big picture dreams and day-to-day challenges.

Government officials and leaders look to IBTS to accelerate progress in their communities, manage the requirements of regulatory compliance, and meet public demands and scrutiny.

What makes IBTS the right choice for governments?

We have the experience. IBTS has the specialized expertise, technical competence, certifications, and reliability to work with governments of all sizes.

We don’t have any conflicts of interest or even the appearance of conflicts of interest. For example, the IBTS staff is made of architects, engineers, master code professionals, certified fire reviewers, certified building officials, and other support staff, we don’t offer any design services, which ensures that we maintain the highest level of objectivity and prioritize the safety of lives and buildings.

We put partnership over profit. We’re committed to forming true partnerships with each of the governments we serve. That means we’re delivering more than technical services—we’re also meeting with our points of contact on the local, state, and federal level to ensure all parties approach our joint goal of serving the community with the standards and expectations of professional customer service.

We have department understanding. IBTS already has a deep understanding of the needs of community development departments and all the associated processes, methods, and workflows needed to deliver services on-time and on-budget. We manage, operate, and supplement community development and building code departments in full, allowing your locality to make better use of its resources.

So, why IBTS? Because we deliver a better way for governments to conduct business that makes them stronger, more efficient, and better able to serve their citizens.

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