City of Central, Louisiana 2016 Flood

City of Central 2016 Flood case study cover, with title and an image of Central employees in a huddle/prayer circle. This case study summarizes the lessons learned and experiences gained by the City of Central officials and municipal services staff, and IBTS staff during the Louisiana floods in August 2016. The IBTS Central team, who are members of the Central community themselves, have performed municipal services for the city since 2011 under a nonprofit-public partnership contract. This case study also demonstrates the role this partnership played in the city’s recovery from the storm.

Flood events are presented as they unfolded, highlighting the steps that the city and IBTS took to respond to the flood and how the city is navigating the recovery process. Intermingled are commentary and observations from those who were there, offering lessons learned before, during and after the disaster.

Read the full case study here (PDF).