IBTS Helps DC to Go Green

By February 1, 2008

February 01, 2008 – Herndon, VA: The Institute for Building Technology and Safety has been asked to assist the District of Columbia to implement its Green Building Policy Act of 2006. Specifically, IBTS has been contracted to identify barriers to green building practices within the existing building codes, and to assist with creating building code amendments that “green the code”.

Partnering with this effort is Cliff Majersik of the Institute for Market Transformation. Mr. Majersik is an energy and green building consultant with international experience.

Energy codes are the most powerful local weapon in the fight against global warming. They set the baseline standard for their region, and have a direct impact on that region’s quality of life.

The majority of our electricity comes from burning coal, and coal is believed to be the single greatest contributor to both global warming and air pollution. Buildings account for over 40% of greenhouse gases nationally, and a far more considerable 75% in Washington DC. Each year, the average house releases more than twice the carbon dioxide emissions of the average car. Clearly, energy-saving measures in buildings are going to be critical to reversing the trend of global warming.

Solutions being considered by the District of Columbia include such prescriptive options as low-emitting materials (adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, floor covering materials, double-glass windows with low-emissivity coating, and composite wood and agrifiber products) designed to be more water/energy-efficient. Site water use will also be considered, with an emphasis on bio-diverse plantings, hydrozoning and smart irrigation controllers.


Press Contact:
Karen Johnson
Market Engagement Program Director