Who We Serve

IBTS delivers unique and transparent regulatory, program management, and engineering services to city, county, state and federal governments. IBTS provides unbiased professional services helping our clients reach goals and objectives. We specialize in Building and Community Development, Energy and Sustainability, Natural Disaster Planning and Recovery, and Quality Assurance services. These services have measurable impacts on communities and infrastructure projects, helping ensure our customers’ public service excellence.

As a non-profit organization established to provide transparency and trusted technical solutions to our clients with an unwavering commitment to quality, compliance, and public safety, IBTS makes a positive difference in the everyday lives and missions of our clients, teammates, and stakeholders.

Through well-honed processes, methods, and techniques, we generate substantial savings in time with uncompromising quality. And through collaborative public non-profit partnerships, we share education, technology, and cost savings with our customers.

For 40 years, government officials, leaders, and managers have relied on IBTS to accelerate progress, help relieve their burdens and reduce risk in the face of daunting regulatory compliance requirements, public scrutiny, and day-in and day-out challenges. IBTS is committed to creating a client-customized approach to services with energized staff, a focus on quality performance, best-in-class equipment and practices, streamlined processes, and customer service that highlights responsiveness with the value placed on exceptional task performance.