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IBTS delivers actionable information for informed decision-making that ensures all manufactured homes are in compliance with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction Safety Standards and Regulations.

IBTS has been the sole third party monitoring agent for HUD’s Federal Manufactured Housing Program since the program’s inception in 1976. In this role, IBTS is responsible for the monitoring, oversight, and annual assessment of the quality systems and procedures used by manufacturers and third-party agencies.

IBTS provides annual assessments on the performance of quality assurance systems implemented by Design Approval Primary Inspection Agencies (DAPIAs), In-Plant Inspection Agencies (IPIAs), and State Administrative Agencies (SAAs). On behalf of HUD, IBTS ensures that the quality systems used by these monitoring agencies are compliant with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction Safety Standards and Regulations.

IBTS is also responsible for the compilation, reporting, and maintenance of certification label usage and records, including label verification letters and data plate/compliance certificates.

Services and Capabilities

  • Oversight of plan, design, and document reviews of approved designs.
  • Quality audits and inspections at manufactured home production facilities to determine how well agency personnel are performing.
  • Collection of label fees and disbursement of payments to state governments.
  • Cooperative Management Assessments of the state agency operations.
  • Recommendations to improve performance or take enforcement actions.

MHU Resources and Education

IBTS offers resources and customized training to meet the unique needs of all stakeholders in the manufactured home building industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in providing ongoing training programs to Federal, state and local government building officials, plan reviewers, inspectors and other industry professionals, our trainers draw on their wealth of knowledge, advice, and industry expertise from years of working with IPIAs, DAPIAs, and SAAs across the country. Learn more about IBTS’s education and training services.

IBTS also offers a wide range of publications on the national regulatory compliance program for manufactured home construction to provide clarity and assistance to inspection agents, units of state and local government, manufactured home builders and other stakeholders in the manufactured housing industry. View and purchase our full listing of publications related to manufactured housing.